I Have Lots To Say. Again.

I realised something today. I am a talker. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I talk a lot (although many would say that I do), it means that there are times when I need to talk. When something is bugging me, or exciting me, or annoying me, or breaking my heart then I need to talk it through. Generally that need is met by my boyfriend, or my family or friends, but there are times when I need to break things down by myself, before I say them out loud.

It is because of that need that I’m re-opening this blog. Because I have lots to say. Again.

5 thoughts on “I Have Lots To Say. Again.

  1. I came across your blog by accident around 5 years ago. I read you daily and then one day, I coundn’t access it any longer. I’ll admit it, it stung. I was a regular reader, invested in your story and then locked out. It’s a funny relationship, isn’t it? I remain anonymous to you but I had a regular glimpse of your life. I randomly tried your site again today and am so happy to see you back. Write for you and I look forward to reading you again.

    • Hi Jen,
      Ah yes – sorry about that. Unfortunately I had to remove several posts and close down for a while because my (now ex) husband was hurt to have his story online, and that wasn’t my intention. I keep meaning to write again and I keep getting too busy with day to day life. Maybe tonight…

      Regardless, I appreciate your words. 🙂

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