I’ve always been one of those super organised people that always arrives on time and never forgets anything. At least, I was one of those people. Over the last few months I’ve become absent minded. I take the kids out in the sun without sun hats. I go to the gym without a water bottle. I get in the car and drive to my parents’ place when that isn’t even where I was going. That’s just plain weird. Even weirder was when I arrived there to find not just my kids in the back seat, but my cat as well.

I know what the problem is. I’m trying to do too much at once. Right now there is so much going on with my job that I’m always organising it in my head. When I’m not working, I’m trying to live the life of a mother with two one year olds. That’s a job in itself. I’ve started making lists in my phone to remind me to do things, but I forget to check the lists.

I know that I’m doing too much because I’m dreaming in lists. Then I wake up and update my in-real-life lists. Then I go out and while I’m out I remember something that I forgot to put on my list so I start a new one… and forget about it. I think you get the picture.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining. I love being busy. It gives me a sense of purpose. Provided the busyness isn’t at the expense of my kids, then life is good.

And even though there is nothing funny or witty or clever about this post, I’m going to publish it anyway, because if I don’t I’ll forget about it… until the middle of the night.


2 thoughts on “Disorganised

  1. I have taken on too much as it is as well and even though I like being busy (new job, walk committee and school as well as running sites) I realize that I have to take time for myself as well. You get “burned out” if you do too much – more than you can handle. There are limits so I have taken 2 weeks away from my sites to catch up on all other things.

  2. with ya babe – but instead of dreaming lists, i’m dreaming teaching and what I have and haven’t taught, or haven’t and have….and now i don’t know anymore! I’m repeatedly having to ask – did we talk about that already??
    Hopefully the ‘real’ photography work comes soon, so i don’t have to teach so much 😉

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