Holy hell today started badly. I have a barometer of sorts which I can use to predict what the day is going to be like. When the kids have finished their morning bottle they either grizzle or play. Grizzle = bad day. Today started with grizzling. Actually it was more like howling. There is something about a howling kid that gets under your skin like nothing else. Two howling kids have the power to turn a usually even tempered person into a raging ball of anger.

So that is how my day started.

I managed to harness some of that energy and vacuumed the house. That wasn’t a popular decision. The howling chorus was joined by two cats. I briefly considered shutting the 4 of them into a cupboard and letting them fight it out. But I’m a mother and handling this kind of situation is my job. I attempted to distract the children with breakfast. That ended badly. I attempted to distract the cats with breakfast. That started a cat fight which was the final straw. Luckily it’s not illegal to shake a cat.

I decided I’d put the kids down for an earlier than usual morning nap so that I could cool off. I have spent the last hour listening to them having a lovely time in their room. Hunter has emptied the bookshelf into her cot and is now systematically ripping pages from her photo album. Israel is alternating between turning the light on and off, and using their iPod to scratch paint off the wall. I am pretending that I don’t know that these things are going on.

Usually on days like this I would take them for a walk so that they are limited in the amount of damage they can do and I can burn off some steam at the same time. But today is raining. It is the first rain in about 4 months. This must be some sort of a conspiracy.

I’m going to have my ‘flu shot this afternoon and mum is coming to watch the devil spawn. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am actually looking forward to going out and having a needle plunged into my arm.

On the up side, the cat shaking seems to have done the trick.


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