So today has been interesting so far…

I turned on the Breakfast show as I do every morning and went about my routine of filling bottles and making coffee. The news came on and mingled in with the usual morning noises I heard the newsreader mention a tsunami warning. I say mention, because he read it out in his usual newsreader voice, as if it was just another story about a dog getting trapped in a rabbit hole. What the? I’d be leaping on my news desk, screaming “RUN FOR THE HILLS.” Mostly because you don’t get a more appropriate time to scream “run for the hills”.  But I guess that’s why I’m not a newsreader.

As journalists do, they then decided to dig deeper into the story – was there really a warning? Was it here, or in one of the neighbouring pacific islands? Was it actually a tsunami, or just a bigger than usual wave? Yes to all those… apparently there was a tidal wave in Samoa not long ago – the result of an earthquake just off the coast. Civil Defence have issued a formal warning and have told us that if it hits Auckland, it’ll happen at 11:44am.  Jay-sus. That’s fairly specific. What if they’ve got it wrong? What if it hits at 11:42 while I’m only half way up the hills?  Should I head for the hills at 11am just in case? Which hills? There are a lot of them around here.

Oh – hang on. Apparently the tsunami that hit Samoa was less than a metre high. I could probably just sit on the back fence then.

Oh no – breaking news. Now they are saying it was 3m and there were deaths and injuries. I guess it’s not so funny after all.

They are telling us to keep our radios on and to be ‘on alert’. The warning is going to remain in effect until it is cancelled. That is one of the stupidest statements I’ve heard today.

So I’d better go and have a shower just in case I have to flee.

If you don’t hear back from me, it’s unlikely that I’m dead – I’m just useless about blogging these days.


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