I had a bit of a car debacle this morning. It happened on my way to the gym at 6am. I was in Shaun’s car, which isn’t unusual these days, as he always gets home last and parks me in. I don’t much like driving his car – although I’m getting used to it – because I’m useless at judging its length so parallel parking is a bitch.

But anyway.

I arrived at the gym and was looking for a park. Parking at my gym is hard at the best of times because it’s huge and is right in the middle of the city. Whilst trawling the side streets I spotted a park on the other side of the road. I turned into the nearest driveway to turn around, but annoyingly, the car behind me chose that exact driveway to go up. He sat on my ass with his headlights in my eyes and didn’t give me room to pull back out. I was forced to try and do a u-turn in the driveway. Ridiculous, I hear you thinking. That wasn’t exactly what I was thinking.

On the way into the u-turn I heard the rim scrape on the curb. Not good. I realised after about a second of scraping that I wasn’t actually going to make it round. That meant reversing back… more scraping. I bit the bullet. Whilst this was happening, the monkey behind me drove up onto the footpath to get up the driveway behind me. And monkey is a euphemism.

I finally found a park and managed all further manoeuvring without incident. I hopped out and in the dark I ran my fingers around the rim to check out the damage. It didn’t feel good, but I’ve done worse. I went to the gym and did my workout. I got a couple of strange looks, but I figured that was probably something to do with my morning hair.

When I got back to the car, I surveyed the damage. It would have been virtually unnoticeable had Shaun washed his car some time in the last year. Unfortunately my finger prints in the inch of brake dust served to draw attention to the situation. So, using my gym towel, I cleaned off the wheel. All that did was draw attention to the one clean wheel. So I cleaned all the wheels. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself…

…until I walked in the door and he asked me what I’d done to the car. What the hell?

Just as I was tossing up whether to deny everything or come clean, I looked in the mirror and was slightly shocked to see that my face was almost entirely black. That explained the strange looks. I guess I’d wiped my face with my hands at some stage before entering the gym.