The leaves are leaving

One thing that I hadn’t considered before I had children was just how differently I would see the world once I did. I see it through the eyes of a child these days. Well, to be fair, I guess I always did to a degree. But now I see it through the eyes of my children. There’s something kinda wonderful about that.

On the one hand I notice all the swear words on the radio, and just how provocatively dressed every woman on every music video seems to be, but on the other, I see everyday things as something exciting. The park is no longer just somewhere to exercise. Now it’s a whole world to be discovered.

Things are simpler now. The world is good. We go for the same walk every day, and every day it is different. One of the most beautiful things about Auckland is how green it is. We live on the edge of 200 acres of parkland. I’ve lived here for most of my life. My parents used to walk through this park with me when I was the age that my kids are now. I feel deeply rooted here. That’s a nice feeling. Stability is one of the biggest gifts you can give a child, along with safety and your love.

So I guess we’ll continue to walk here. And perhaps one day my kids will walk here with their kids.

And look at it. Who wouldn’t?

Autumn in Cornwall Park


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