Simply happy.

Today I was driving along the motorway as the sun was rising. It has risen on one of those days when the sky is completely clear and blue, but the air is crisp and cool. Days that remind me of the Easters of my childhood when we used to travel down country to my nan’s house. It was while I was thinking about those days, which were perfect days, that I realised that right now I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life.

It sneaked up on me.

If someone had’ve told me a year ago when I was staggering out of a club at 8am after having ‘the best night of my life’ that I’d be happier at home with two tiny babies, I’d have told them that they didn’t know me very well. I guess I didn’t know myself.

I never would have imagined that I’d be racing home from the gym before the class was finished because I missed their smiles. The gym used to be my life. And I would never have thought that twin playgroup followed by a walk in the park and coffee group would have sounded like a pretty good day to me.

More than anything, I never would have believed that I’d actually enjoy being woken up three times in the night by crying babies, but it means I get to sit in the dark and stroke those fluffy little heads and think about just how incredibly fortunate I am.

So life is simple now. And simple is perfect.


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