There is no doubt that as a parent, my priorities have changed. That was inevitable. What I am surprised about is how accepting I am of those changes. I was most scared before becoming pregnant of resenting my children for the constraints that they put on me. While there is a very small part of me that occasionally feels frustrated about not having any freedom, the rest of me has no trouble reminding that part of me that it is in the minority.

Next weekend we have a wedding to go too. I am nearly jumping out of my skin with excitement. Over excitement. I can’t wait to let loose and have a bender. But I know that it won’t be like the old days. I have responsiblities now, so staying out until sunrise probably isn’t practical. Being a mother just won’t work with a hangover.

But somehow I’m going off on tangents. I was meaning to write about values. Due to my non-religious views, we are not having the babies christened, but I do want to do something to celebrate their lives with other people. So we are having a naming ceremony. I have been writing the formal part of the ceremony for the celebrant, and as part of it I am naming the values that I want to teach my children and that I want reinforced by their godparents (or sponsors – but godparents sounds cooler).

So I’ve been thinking about what I most respect in those people that I hold in high esteem. I have been picturing the future and the things that will make me the most proud of my children. And I’ve come up with five.

More than anything else in the world, I want my children to demonstrate integrity, honesty, fairness, concern and loyalty.


3 thoughts on “Values

  1. My two cents worth. I prefer empathy to concern. Being able to stand in someone else’s shoes. Concern has elements of sympathy (feeling sorry for someone) which is not as admirable. As for love, I think that is an innate rather than a learned or cultivated quality and therefore not a “value”, which is something to aspire to.

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