Pet projects

Project One: A night on the town
One of the things I was most afraid of about having children was extricating myself from my ‘other’ life and losing touch, not only with my friends, but with the person that I am when I’m not a mother. I have a friend who practically dropped off the face of the earth when she had her daughter and then she became bitter when she saw us going on with our lives which were passing her by. I don’t want to become that person.

Everywhere I go, people comment on the fact that it must be rare for me to get out of the house. Not true. I make sure I go out at least once a day. That might just be a walk in the park or it might be coffee with a friend. I think that the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes. True, it takes a fair bit of logistical organisation and coordination, but that’s life now.

The one thing I hadn’t done was get out of the house for a night out without the twins. That’s not surprising, considering they are only 6 weeks old. So it was with huge excitement that I looked forward to last Friday evening. It was the hen’s party of one of my best friends and it was shaping up to be a boomer.

I had expressed milk so that I could have a bit of a bender without contaminating my children and wreaking the kind of havoc on their tiny livers that booze wreaks on ours. I had organised my mother to help Shaun out so that he wouldn’t suffer too much doing the night feeds. And I managed to squeeze myself back into my old jeans, much to my surprise and delight.

I had a year’s worth of showing off cooped up inside and I was ready to let loose.

So I did. For about 4 hours. I hit the town and then I hit the wall. I was home in bed by midnight, in time to sleep off the bubbly and make it up for the 2am feed.

Boy how life has changed.

Project Two: Operation Cat Integration
One thing that you hear people go on about a lot when you are pregnant is how your once placid house cats are about to become deadly killers. If the rumours are to be believed, cats smother children to death on a daily basis. And that’s between the jealous fits they are throwing because they are no longer the centre of attention.

Many months ago I filled the cots (cribs) with balloons in order to scare the hell out of any unsuspecting cat that happened to jump on one. It worked. Each cat jumped in the cot. Once.

I wasn’t particularly concerned about jealous behaviour but then again, I don’t claim to be a cat whisperer. (Well, to be honest, I have once or twice, but that was just a fabrication.) The best advice I was given was by the vet, who said to introduce the cats and the babies. Let them touch each other. Get them comfortable. By trying to keep them seperate you create the kind of curiosity that killed more than the cat.

And so far so good.

You can judge for yourselves.


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