I can’t wait to meet you

Well, I have reached that stage that every mother talks about. I’m sick of being pregnant and I just want to meet my babies. I have gone from thinking of them as ‘things’ to actual babies. People, I guess. I’ve done all the reading of parenting books that I guess all new parents-to-be do, and I’ve started imagining my son and daughter in the future. The life that we will have together. And I just want them here.

I got my surgery booking date from the hospital. Christmas eve. Like hell! I’ll be 39 weeks by then! That is just a joke. Twins are generally delivered at 37 (sometimes 38) weeks. Aside from the fact that being in hospital over Christmas isn’t ideal, I really just can’t carry these babies for another 3 weeks. I’m already carrying almost 11lbs of baby, not to mention all the fluid etc. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to go into labour any day. It’s highly likely.

I’ve been thinking about the kind of people I want my children to grow up to be. For most of my pregnancy I’ve been envisaging them as babies, but haven’t really thought of them as people. It’ll be fun to have babies. I’m not so big on toddlers and small children, but I can’t wait to meet the people that they will become – with our help.

Shaun will be an amazing father. He is so placid and thoughtful. He has so much love to give. He came home with a couple of books called ‘Growing Great Girls’ and ‘Growing Great Boys’ and he’s been reading like a demon. A girl can’t ask for much more than that in a husband and father-to-be.

All the books talk about having a ‘vision’ for your children. They talk about creating secure childhoods and happy memories. I’m looking forward to taking my kids to the park. I’m looking forward to teaching them to climb trees and do flips on the trampoline. I’m looking forward to letting them be kids. There won’t be any ‘you can’t do that because it’s dangerous’ stuff. I think we’ve gotten so PC about protecting our kids that we are protecting them from life. They no longer learn to make decisions about risk taking. They think that if they’re allowed to do it, it must be safe. That’s crazy, not to mention irresponsible parenting.

But again, I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now it’s a case of pulling on my compression tights, putting my feet up on the couch and just waiting.

I’m almost beside myself with excitement. Babies, I can’t wait to meet you.


4 thoughts on “I can’t wait to meet you

  1. Nope, just an unlucky pregnancy thing. I have really bad swelling in my legs – compression tights are those things you wear on long flights to stop blood clots from forming.

  2. I know that last few weeks are the slowest, but try to enjoy them as much as possible. When my son was born (the most beautiful baby boy, of course :P), I couldn’t wait a moment that he smiles at me for the first time. Then I couldn’t wait he starts to turn around etc.. Now, he’s almost 6 months old and I already miss him as a little baby.

    Enjoy every second with them. They really do grow fast.

  3. As a single mother of twins, I thought I’d wish you luck and just mention that you will be so knackered the first year, you will barely remember it afterwards. Make lists of who has been fed and when, and write down anything you think you might want to recall later. Or that they might want you to be able to remember.

    Let’s face it, I haven’t got a clue when Twin 1 started to crawl. Just that twin 2 never bothered – just lay there gurgling on her back and then one day got up and walked when it dawned on her that her sister could leave the room under her own steam. First words? Nope, can’t remember. Who smiled first? Who knows!

    Best of luck with it all. Mine are teens now, and I suspect this ‘era’ is all going to be a blur in the future too. I hope so, I would far rather forget it ;o)

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