2 weeks and counting

Well I have rapidly gone from the “this is a dream pregnancy, I’m so lucky” to “holy hell, just get these things out of me!”. Yesterday was a down day. I actually cried for the first time since I thought I was losing the babies back at 7 weeks. I wasn’t crying for any reason other than self pity. I have become couch bound. The swelling has now crippled me.

We had a growth scan yesterday and everything is good to go. The babies are big enough to be born healthy and survive, they may not even need to go into the infant nursery, but even if they did, that’s not a bad thing. They’d be a couple of doors down from me in the hospital and have a 24 hour babysitter that would bring them to me for feeding! But you just have to go with the flow in this game.

I reached the stage yesterday where I even googled natural induction remedies. Castor oil and raspberry leaf tea were looking promising until I considered that fact that I’d have to leave the house to get them. But then I came to my senses. I’ve worked so hard to get here that it’d be not only irresponsible, but the work of a stark raving lunatic to do anything to jeapordise the health of my babies now.

So I’ll remain on my couch and count down the days.

2 weeks and I get to meet these people that I’ve been making. I can’t wait.


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