Holy mother of god. They did warn me but I didn’t really take it on board. I’ve been SO grateful for how well my pregnancy has been going so far. It’s been a dream. Everyone has twin pregnancy horror stories but from where I’m standing it’s been all good. Until this weekend. That’s when all hell broke loose in the ankle department. Oh, and the wrist department. And the finger department. Pretty much across the board actually.

A few weeks back I’d have fairly swollen ankles by the end of my working day. That is to be expected. What I wasn’t quite so ready for was ankles that are the same width as my calves when I get up in the morning! And carpal tunnels that are so swollen that I sprain my wrists when I roll over in the night. Not that you can really call it rolling. It actually involves getting up onto all fours and flopping onto my other side.

One of the babies has moved right around to under my arm. That is obviously affecting the swelling as my left cankle is always significantly bigger than my right. It was annoying at first because it’s summer here and it’s hot now. I can’t wear any dresses unless they skim the floor. But worse than that, I can’t even wear jandals! Shoes went out the window about a month ago. It’s not that easy to get things done in bare feet. People tend to stare at you in the mall.

So my new strategy is to get up and do whatever needs to be done before 9am. Then I spend the rest of the day with my feet balanced up on a stack of 5 pillows.

Still, I feel like I bitch doing all this moaning. My health is good and the babies are continuing to grow just as they should.

So really, what’s a couple of fat ankles?


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