I can’t believe I’m doing this…

Ok, because so many people have asked, I am going to throw my good sense out the window and put my pride on the line. This is what a woman who has just got out of bed and is 32 weeks pregnant with twins looks like…

32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

I can’t believe that skin can stretch that much. I sure as hell hope that it bounces back. It’s the strangest feeling, carrying around two people on your front. I’ve reached the stage where I’d quite like them out so that I can share the carrying. But not for another week or so – I’m enjoying the relaxing too much.

Yesterday my sister had her baby. It was a bit of a surprise as he was 1.5 weeks early and was expected to be late. She had an exceptionally quick labour (my mother only just made it there for the last 5 minutes!!) and all went well. She achieved her goal of a drug free birth and the baby – Luca – is perfect.

It gave me a bit of a fright though. Mary and I are diametrically opposed when it comes to birth plans. I want as many drugs as they’ll give me from the second I enter that hospital. I am having an elective c-section (for medical and safety reasons only). The fact that Mary laboured so fast made me realise that there is a possibility that if my waters break early, I may have to naturally birth the first twin, and then have an emergency c-section for the second. The worst of both worlds!!

Oh well, I’ve learned like everything with pregnancy, you just have to sit back and take it as it comes. There really is not much you can control and there is no point in trying – it just gets distressing.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t care less how my babies are delivered, provided the three of us come out of it healthy.


10 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m doing this…

  1. Many women birth their multiples without any trouble at all. I can see that you sister spent a lot of time researching the reasons for choosing a drug free birth. It would be good for you to spend some time doing your own research. Women who ask for as many drugs as possible during labor usually don’t realize the negative effective of the drugs on the babies which can cause tremendous problems during the birth and later for breastfeeding and bonding. Research ICAN, cesarean prevention to understand what you are getting into with a scheduled c-section. Having at least a trial of labor can help your babies lungs to develop during labor and will help them to avoid the serious and life threatening allergies that many of the c-section babies have for life. Your sister has given you a good example of how good birth can be. Best wishes, Gail J. Dahl “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”

  2. Thanks for your comments Gail. I think it’s safe to assume that you are not a regular reader of my blog and therefore are not used to my rather tongue-in-cheek humour.

    I also assume that you won’t be back to read this response, but I will post it anyway in case other people think that my decision was a hasty one.

    You can rest assured that I did vast amounts of research before making the choice that I have.

    I am seeing a specialist obstetrician as well as a obstetric neurologist, and it was in conjuntion with them that I made this decision.

    I am epileptic, so the risk of seizure is greatly decreased by having a c-section. My second twin is breach and I have read extensive research that indicates that the risk of foetal distress is great in this situation.

    The only drugs I will be having prior to delivery are an epidural.

    It is my opinion that all of those reasons combined outweigh any miniscule chance that the babies will be born with ’serious and life threatening allergies’.

    You are right – my sister was very fortunate with her labour, but our situations are so vastly different that to compare them is of no value.

  3. Woman, you look great!! And your tummy is perfect! I had HUGE one and everyone asked me if I was carrying twins. When you are having one baby, that’s kind of insulting. 😛

    You know how my c-section went. Yours will be even better because you’ll have that beautiful moment of listening your baby’s first cry TWICE. 😉

  4. Hi Sarah

    Just wanted to let you know how much I wish you all the best with your upcoming twin arrival. It has been great for me to watch you, the way you have all of this planned out.

    You look beautiful standing there with those two little ones hidden inside of you.

    I love the way that little tattoo peeks out of the edge of the pant. It is a reminder of the times to come once you get that flat belly again 🙂


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