Nothing is uglier than bigotry.

I will be SO glad when the weekend comes and our election is over. I am sick to death of politics. Until yesterday I was more sick of American politics than our own. I have been getting increasingly scared and angry at the attitude of some of the extremist groups who are targetting Obama. Seriously – he’s an undercover terrorist? How stupid are you people? And then there was the guy that said he has enough white in him to make him smart? I don’t like using the word hate, but it’s what I feel towards asses like that. How can ANYONE be stupid enough to think that skin colour affects intelligence? Something has certainly affected theirs…

Then last night I was watching the news and I was confronted by equally as sickening prejudice. Our leader of opposition decided to take a couple of ex-rugby players down into south Auckland, which is typically a Labour stronghold. It was a cunning plan and one that was working. The interviewer asked one of these rugby stars why he doesn’t like the Labour party. He announced that he is a good christian and that they promote anti-christian values by passing bills like the legalisation of prostitution and the civil union bill (gay marriage). What the hell? What kind of christian values does he have? The kind that says that some people are better than others because of something that they can’t help? Or the kind that takes the moral high ground and judges others for choices that they make?

It scares and saddens me that there are people in this world that think they are better than others.


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