It’s almost time.

I think the time has almost come. It’s been days since I last blogged. I logged on this morning to write but the only stuff I have to write about is baby related. I swore to myself that this blog was not going to become one that logged my progress as a pregnant woman or gave you facts about my babies in utero – the kinds of facts that are fascinating to me but mean absolutely nothing to anyone else. It would be like becoming one of those people that sends out a constant stream of photos of their babies doing stupid things.

My parents tell a funny story about a couple that they were friends with when they were my age. This couple had their first child and they would invite people over for drinks and then put their baby in the middle of the room and make everyone watch him for hours. If it’s not your baby, it’s just not interesting.

It’s also not interesting to hear me moan about how bored I am at work. I have one more full week to go and then I’m outta here – forever. It hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m not sure it will until my last day when I’m packing up 13 years worth of stuff into a small box and pulling out of the carpark for the last time. Things have changed here so much lately that I don’t feel sad about leaving the job, just the people. But I’m so excited about what’s to come that it overshadows any negative feelings.

You’re probably not interested in the fact that I’m having my baby shower this weekend.

People find it much more interesting reading about the bad behaviour of a girl that goes out on weekend benders and does embarrassing things and I’m just not that girl any more. At least, not for a while.

I’m having trouble letting go though…


7 thoughts on “It’s almost time.

  1. I think you underestimate your readers. They find you interesting, in whatever part of your life you happen to be in. The connection is there regardless of topic, your writing style and your brutal honesty are why people come back. Like Liam Neeson, I would watch that man read the phone book.

    You’ve given the internet something special with this, and they’re not going to abandon it because you’ve changed.

  2. Wow John, I’m flattered. Honestly.

    I guess I’d better do something interesting tonight then.

    I could perhaps entertain you all with my personal view on how disappointed I was in the way Lennox Lewis acted as his role of project manager on Celebrity The Apprentice last night.

  3. I have been reading you for over a year now and I look forward to your posts (and have been disappointed by the decrease in them but understand your position…)

    I think you should blog whatever you feel like blogging. If people don’t want to read about your babies, than they won’t. Some of us just happen to enjoy your company, no matter the subject.

  4. I commented on your first post and I’ve read every one since.

    The time to stop blogging was when all you had to write about was getting pissed. Now you have so much more to share and I’m looking forward to reading your take on parenthood. Now things are getting interesting.

    (Whether you will have time to blog is a totally different matter)

  5. I can only echo what John said…

    Just write and don’t worry about the topic, you have a way of delivering the point which keeps us hooked. 😀

  6. I agree with everything said above, it doesn’t really matter that the topics have changed a bit over the last couple of months. You still have a great writing style 🙂

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