More religion.

Of all the strange coincidences, my mother called last night to talk about baptising babies. She had been talking to a friend of hers who is an Anglican minister. He is going to baptise my sister’s baby. He asked mum about mine and she said that Shaun and I don’t go to church and aren’t religious. His response was interesting. He said that we have integrity.

Apparently lots of people have their children baptised because it’s the socially acceptable thing to do, or because they feel pressure from family or society. I can’t imagine compromising my beliefs for either of those reasons. For any reason, come to think of it. 

The minister suggested to mum that he could perform a blessing at our naming ceremony (which is what I am calling it for want of a better term). I quite like that idea. I made it clear that we don’t want it in a church and we don’t want any religious content, but I like the idea of a ceremony of some sort – followed by a party.

I asked mum if she thought he would be comfortable with the ‘no religious content’ bit and that is when the conversation got really interesting. I have always wondered why my parents go to church, because I know they don’t believe in religious dogma. I know that they don’t even believe in ‘God’. Mum believes that ‘God’ is the good part of a person – the part that makes us think before they we say something hurtful. The part that makes us want to give to others. The part that makes us love.

I told her that I believe the same thing, but that I don’t need to go to a church to celebrate that. I don’t believe in organised religion. She told me that much like how I go to Youthline, she goes to church to be in the presence of people that are celebrating the good part of themselves. They leave their ‘badness’ at the door. It’s a place of peace.

I suppose I understand that.


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