Well, you asked for it.

We had people over for dinner last night and we ended up talking about sex. That is unusual in that it’s not something I generally discuss with friends over dinner. This situation was slightly different. The friends in question are currently going through the fertility treatment that I started off on. It’s not so much the side effects of the drugs that make the process so unpleasant, or the waiting, or even the blood tests – it’s the fact that everything is so prescribed.

A doctor tells you which days to have sex each month. Not particularly spontaneous. It’s usually 4 days in a row – sometimes 5. For the first couple of months it’s kinda entertaining. By the end of the first year it’s a nightmare. I’d race home from Youthline late at night having made Shaun promise not to go to sleep. How romantic. The pressure was ridiculous. And it’s not always easy for men to perform under pressure…

But that’s when things start to get more than a bit ironic. After all the months of prescribed sex, Shaun wasn’t even there when I finally conceived. It was all done in a sterile room in a hospital. No sex required.

But that’s not the biggest irony. After less than 2 months out from under the eyes of the sex police, I had a bleeding scare during my pregnancy.

As a result I was put on a strict no exercise or sex order.

First they giveth, then they taketh away.


4 thoughts on “Sex.

  1. When we decided the time was right to have a baby we went through a similar thing (excepting the fertility bit). We were having a baby and we were having it now! Sex was every other day. The theory was that my boys would lie in wait – ambush theory really. It worked very quickly thank goodness because there is nothing worse for a boy than being told that “you’re doing it, and you’re doing it now”. Didn’t even get flowers!

    I’m not even going to mention sex as a method of inducement. Now that’s hard. (or not).

  2. LOL Mike we tried the “ambush” technique with our first for the first two months without success then after some further reading switched to the “attack in force” method. Apparently it takes a guy three days to ummm generate a full army to put it delicately. So it was a case of waiting till the right point in the cycle and “attack in force”. It worked the first time with our first child and it took two “attempts” for the second.

    It does have the same issue as the other methods though. Knowing that you “have” to do it that night is strangely offputting.

    Well Sarah you’ve managed to get a little more commenting. First you tried controversy, then politics and finally sex. Is religion on the cards next? 😉 😛

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