It’s all so political.

Which makes sense really, considering it’s election time. I’m not sure whether I’m more concerned about the American election or our own (which is 4 days later).

I have always been a Labour (left) voter. I guess that is mostly to do with the way that I was brought up, both with regard to how my parents have always voted and because it’s in line with my personal values. Labour have been in power for the last 9 years in this country, but it’s looking a bit like that may be about to come to an end. That scares me.

A couple of months ago I thought that perhaps it was time for a change, but I feel very differently now. With the state of the economy as it is currently, it’s very easy to blame the government. It’s not quite so easy to think of a solution. Tax cuts aren’t it. Borrowing for tax cuts is even more stupid. But that’s exactly what the opposition are promising. Why the hell would you borrow money in the current economic climate?

There really are two parts to voting, in my eyes. There is the party and there is the leader. In this country, that makes it an easy decision for me. I have been saddened of late by the behaviour of our current Prime Minister. She has been stooping to a level of bitchiness that is generally displayed by those that are backed into a corner, which I suppose she has been. But that doesn’t change the fact that the alternative is worse. The leader of the National party really has no idea. I just don’t think he has what it takes to run the country. He sounds like Sarah Palin when anyone asks him a question that he’s unsure about. And that’s just not ok.

On the subject of Sarah Palin, what the hell? Certainly McCain had to do something, and to his credit, he has certainly gotten some attention, but the guy is so old that there is a real chance that this woman might end up in power. While I concede that she is a very smart woman, there are lots of very smart women around, and it takes more than being smart to run a nation. It’s all very well to go to boot camp and get taught how to debate, but at the very least a vice president needs to understand the meaning of foreign policy. My cat knows more than Palin, for god’s sake. And he’s not even smart.

I’m not unhappy about this though because I’ve said from day 1 that Obama is the man, and I stand by that.

I love America and it’s about time it was run by someone with a brain.


3 thoughts on “It’s all so political.

  1. I really feel sorry for you and your blog. Talk cats and dogs and you get comments. Talk nappies and you get lambasted. Talk 4x4s and the world stops in disgust. Talk about the serious stuff and… Nada.

    The problem of course is the same as in a bar; never talk sex, politics or religion. These are taboo where people meet socially but don’t want to get into a fight!

    You are right and I’m fighting. What the world needs right now is a strong US president. The credit crunch is affecting everyone but until the US Presidential/Senate elections are over nothing much is going to happen.

    What feels like ten years ago I said that Obama was the man. He is.

    Now can we please talk about sex? Yes we can!

  2. Haha. Thanks Mike. I’m secretly relieved. That post could have resulted in more telling offs. I even dreamed rebuttals last night.

    Sex? Why yes, we can.

    But remember, you asked for it.

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