Not so handy

I take my husband for granted. I really do. Last weekend I was down country staying with my sister for the weekend. She is also pregnant. She has a whole lot of baby clothes that she wants to put away. She has an old dresser that they have restored to match the rest of the furniture. It was almost finished, but it had no handles. Apparently it had been like that for quite some time. It was really starting to bug her and I was most definitely on her side. It was a small job to get it finished, but for some reason it just wasn’t getting done…

I say some reason euphemistically so as not to sound insulting, because I love my brother in law. I think when it comes to baby stuff men just don’t feel the same level of urgency as women. My sister and I both share the ‘I want to get it done right now’ trait. Her husband doesn’t. Mine has learned it as a result of years of nagging.

I am lucky. I think up something that I want and Shaun figures out a way to make it. I wanted a book shelf to fit between the two cots in the nursery. The gap is small so it was an unrealistic request. For most people… Not for me however. Shaun built one and got it painted the same colour as the rest of the furniture. He did that in a weekend.

I wanted a laundry rack that would sit up by the laundry ceiling but could be lowered down on a pulley system. That way I can air dry nappies on wet days without having clothes racks all over the house. So Shaun made one. Admittedly he shredded every finger in the process and managed to rip the dryer off the wall, but he did it – all in one afternoon.

Now I want a door put into the hallway to stop the cats running into the nursery in the night when I go in to feed. He’s going to do it in the weekend.

I’m a very lucky woman.


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