I’ve reached that stage… the one that all the pregnancy books talk about. Tiredness.

I’m now in my third trimester, which is when all the discomfort is supposed to start. I can see why. I have a protrusion the size of a beach ball sticking out my front. The rest of me hasn’t really changed size, so my old body now has to carry around this new bit. It’s covered in cuts and scratches because I forget it’s there. I go to wash my face in the shower and scratch ribbons off my stomach on the way past. I attempt to squeeze out the car door in a narrow space and I can’t. It’s cumbersome and hilarious both at the same time.

I haven’t really had any bad symptoms. I had some nausea for the first few months but I was never sick. I got a bit tired and I ate more than I was accustomed too, but it wasn’t unmanageable. It’s been a good pregnancy. I won’t say that I love being pregnant, but it’s certainly not the awful experience that I was dreading.

But this tiredness is frustrating. Aside from having some friends over for an early dinner last night, we have done nothing during the evenings all week. I’ve been in bed by 9:30pm every day. Unheard of for me.  I’ve been getting 8.5 hours sleep every night, so why the hell am I so tired all the time? I used to function perfectly well on 5 hours.

I guess it makes sense if you consider the fact that I’m busy making a couple of people from scratch. I suppose they are pretty taxing on my energy. But it’s frustrating to get up in the morning, head in to the office, sit down at my desk and immediately start yawning. I feel like I spend half the day staring bleary eyed at my screen, trying to motivate myself to think. Kinda like the old days…

Anyway, I guess it’s time to get back to attempting to do some kind of work.


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