The Dark Side

Holy hell. I’ve just been over to the dark side for a week, but I’m back.

At the end of the week before last I got a cold. At least, that’s what I thought. Normal old symptoms – sore throat, headache, exhaustion. I took Friday off and rested up. Over the weekend I started to feel better and figured I’d be back on board on Monday, unless something drastic happened overnight.

It did.

I (barely) woke up on Monday feeling like death. I dragged myself from bed to the couch and that was where I stayed for the next 5 days, with the exception of one visit to my specialist. I asked him for a medical certificate for the next few days. He laughed at me and brought down the hammer on two weeks bedrest. Apparently I had ‘pre-pneumonia’, which is apparently not uncommon in pregnant women who catch the ‘flu. It’s basically a case of compromised lungs.

I wasn’t allowed to get a ‘flu shot this year because of the fertility treatment that I was undergoing at the time. Mentioning that to people is always entertaining. Half of them claim that the shots don’t work anyway – they just give you the ‘flu. That’s crap. It’s not a live vaccine. If you get the ‘flu you were going to get it anyway and it just happened to get you before the shot took effect. Anyway… I digress.

So I didn’t get the shot and the ‘flu got me, and it got me good.


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