Hang in there. We need you.

Last weekend a friend of mine had a serious accident and is now in critical condition in a coma. He fell off a deck onto the road. He is not a close friend, but he is loved deeply by people that I love deeply. My heart breaks for them.

It’s funny how people resort to things out of desperation that they wouldn’t usually resort to. I have found myself feeling like I should pray for him over the last week. Pray to who? I don’t believe in any kind of god. I certainly don’t pray any other time, so it would feel a bit hypocritical to start now. When I was a kid I used to pray when things went wrong. I’d promise that if ‘god’ fixed the problem that I’d start praying every day. Even back then I knew that praying didn’t feel right – but sometimes we look for comfort in the strangest places.

This weekend the media got hold of the accident, so now the pain is compounded. Not only are his family and friends dealing with his condition, but there are a million rumours and nosy people to field as well. What is it about the human condition that makes us so damn interested in the pain of others?

The situation is currently one of sitting around waiting until he comes out of his coma to see how the brain damage has affected him. The prognosis isn’t good. Isn’t it amazing how one second everything is normal and the next it has been completely turned upside down? It makes me realise how grateful we have to be for every second that life is good. We have to appreciate all that we have and the people that we love.

Glenn – you’re well loved. Please come back to us.


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