Filthy cats

It was VERY tempting to go really inappropriate with that title…

An EXCEPTIONALLY annoying thing has started to happen over the last month or so. After 4.5 years of owning cats, I’m at a loss as to why it would suddenly start up.

We have burmese cats. They are renowned for getting killed on the road at night. They don’t have the ‘flight’ half of the fight or flight instinct, so they just try and stand-off anything that poses a threat. That’s my kinda cat. But someone ought to tell them that the car will always win. So we shut our cats in at night. As soon as the sun goes down we lock their cat door. It has always worked well. On the (not so) occasional night when we unexpectedly stay out all night (admittedly not for some time now!) they would spend the night inside anyway – it’s all they know.

In June we went to Samoa for a week on holiday and had a housesitter stay with the cats. The very first night she stayed, Chico ‘did his business’ inside. Cleverly, he chose to do it just hours after I told her that our cats don’t need a dirt box. Good form, Chico. A cat after my own heart. Admittedly, I’m blaming it on Chico for no good reason, other than the fact that he does most of the naughty stuff that goes on in our house. It obviously wasn’t Shaun, because he was with me.

Since that night, it’s happened about 3 more times. Usually the shitting is followed up by hours of very loud miaowing and scratching around. Being the clean things that cats are, they unfortunately expend a lot of effort trying to bury the mess – in the wooden floorboards. All they succeed in doing is spreading it around.

I am grateful that they have always done it on the wood or the tiles – never on the carpet. I asked mum what she thought I should do and she suggested that we put down the dirt box every night – according to her the cats need to feel proud of their cleanliness. Cat pride is very important, apparently.

I’ve decided that I can’t cope with the idea of a box full of shit in the house. When we were in Hong Kong last week I got one for the house sitter and it was just gross. The cats used it every night just because they could.

So we’re going to bite the bullet and leave their door open at night. I hope they only go outside to ‘use the garden’ and spend the night inside.

Bloody hell. How often do you need to get up in the night to crap? I can’t say that I EVER have.

Oh – except for the unfortunate bowel evacuation pill experience.


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