Honey, I’m ho-ome.

So I return from a week in Hong Kong. It was funny. For several months before we left, Shaun went on and on about how crappy it was going to be. How it’s the rainy season and it’s just going to piss down every day. How it’s hot and crowded and not at all relaxing. After only the second day he told me how much he loves the place and how he can’t wait to come back.

It was our annual ‘Honours Club’ trip (Shaun’s work incentive) which means it’s 5-star and paid for by someone else. Those are the best kinds of holidays. We spent a week in Kowloon doing the mandatory shopping and sightseeing and then a couple of days up north at the ‘Gold Coast’ relaxing at a resort (surrounded by high-rises).

The weather was perfect (if stinking hot is your thing – and it most definitely is mine). There was rain – it lasted about 30 seconds one day when I was in the pool. By the time we registered what it was, it was gone. (Very important note: I was NOT wearing a bikini and subjecting other holiday makers to my inflated body. I was wearing shorts and a tank-top. I do have SOME self respect.) The temperature averaged around 30 degrees, which was a bit of a shock after our stock-standard 15 degree winter days. Most people that visit Hong Kong are knocked about by the humidity, but they’re not Aucklanders. 80-90% humidity is pretty standard here as well.

I spent the majority of my time trawling baby stores (I never thought I’d see the day that I was sitting here writing that!) rather than boozing, which makes a (refreshing?) change. I had some success. I managed to spend half my budget on two baby Dior t-shirts (which will most likely fit the babies for a couple of months, making the purchase even more ridiculous) and the other half on very sensible baby-grows, just to prove to myself that I am a responsible mother!

So I like Hong Kong. I don’t particularly like holidaying pregnant, but due to the very clever way in which I have managed to get doubly knocked up, I won’t ever have to do it again!

Life is good.


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