It sneaked up on me

I have to say, I didn’t notice it happening. I see it in other people and I wonder what happened to cause it. I didn’t think I’d fall victim, but I have.

I’ve turned stupid.

It was all brought home to me last night when I went to get water from the jug (kettle to you non-kiwis) to cook some corn. The jug wasn’t there. How weird is that? It always sits in the same place, plugged into the wall. It’s not something we use often. I wondered if Shaun had done something weird with it. I was pretty sure that I’d turned it on not long before though, to boil it in preparation for the corn-cooking. I started to get frustrated.

Then I found it in the fridge.

It is definitely when I’m cooking that things are at their worst. By the time I’ve served up there is a pile of knives on the bench. I get one out and then forget I have, so I get another. My record is 5.

People say that pregnancy does that to you. Makes you scatter-brained.

That concerns me, as Shaun has obviously gotten himself knocked up somehow. I got up the other morning and went to put on my slippers. I couldn’t find them so I woke Shaun up to ask him if he’d seen them. He said that he had and then dove under the covers and started searching around at the bottom of the bed. I asked him what he was doing and he said “They’re in here”. What the hell? He came up a few seconds later and said, “Actually no, that’s the cat”.

I hope things change when I have the babies. I suspect they wouldn’t survive long in the fridge.


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