Where the hell did that come from?

Last night an interesting thing happened. It is cat related. Now that I’m a responsible non-drinking mother-to-be, most of the interesting things that happen in my life seem to be either other-people or animal related. Que cera.

When I got home from work yesterday Chico was spending more time than usual in our bedroom. He was sort of sniffling around on the carpet. I thought it may have had something to do with the half eaten bread roll I had found under our bed that morning and thrown out, so I ignored him.

We had people over for dinner and the cats did their usual show-off-like-idiots for the entire night after me going on about how well behaved they are. Thankfully there was no dragging out of the dirty contents of the washing machine this time. There was just an awful lot of chasing each other around at pace.

When the guests left we got ready for bed. Chico continued on with his sniffling around and Julio joined him. They seemed to be trying to get under the Shaun’s dresser. I started getting suspicious so I asked Shaun to take a look (I can’t get anywhere remotely near the floor these days). He pulled the bottom drawer out but there was nothing there. Both cats jumped in and wouldn’t come out. There was a strange noise though. He pulled the bottom drawer out of my dresser as well but there was nothing there.

Then all of a sudden there was very much something there. A bird appeared from behind the dresser. What the hell? How long had it been there and how can a live bird be in someone’s room without them knowing? The poor thing must have been hiding there for quite some time considering how long Chico had been doing that sniffling for.

Shaun caught it in my trousers (upon rereading that sounds ridiculous) and threw it outside.

He then spent the next 15 minutes cleaning up it’s crap. Birds sure do a lot of crapping themselves.


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