Vroom vroom

After many years of publicly bagging vehicles with automatic transmissions (they’re for girls, they have no guts, it’s not really driving etc etc) I’ve finally gone turncoat and bought one. Yup – I got my new truck.

While most people seem kinda shocked that in today’s recession (I refuse to be one of those people that refuses to say recession) I’ve bought a bigger car, rather than followed the trend of downgrading, it’s actually not the case. While the car certainly appears bigger, it uses cheaper gas and less of it. I know that gas consumption has a lot to do with the way I drive, but it’d be impossible to ring this truck the way I rung the Impreza. I feel quite sad about that.

So I now own a large black Mitsubishi Outlander. It’s my first ever brand new car and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This week is cold, wet and dark. Just what you need when you want to test our your new heated leather seats and your automatic wipers & headlights. I swear, I just jump in and go. You don’t even need a key! The car does pretty much everything for you. I find myself resenting the fact that I have to steer.

So I’ve gone from the realms of the boy racer to that of the soccer mum.

Still, if you’ve got to drive a people-mover, you might as well make it a great big ****-off black truck.


5 thoughts on “Vroom vroom

  1. Congrats 🙂

    Enjoy the new-car-smell while it lasts…

    On another note: are there “alternative fuels” available in NZ (like natural gas or LPG)?

    I’m def thinking about getting a “bigger” car when I get a new(er) one…and I’m def thinking about going “hybrid” (LPG + gas)…the fuel prices are just too crazy over here…and LPG is one of the only “cheap” fuels around (due to a tax-break until 2018)…

  2. You can get LPG here but it’s expensive to convert vehicles to take it.

    We have hybrid cars (but here hybrid means a combo of gas and electricity). I suspect they will be the way of the future.

    At the moment there is only a very limited range of them avaiable and they are all revolting.

  3. Yeah, hybrid is gas+electricity over here as well that’s why I put it in the “” 😉
    …and while it might be the way of the future (which I doubt, see more below), ppl just don’t really accept it over here, at least not yet. Maybe it’s because the only model that has been around for years is the Toyota Prius.

    As for the conversion: yeah, depending on the motor (4/6/8 cyl.) it cost between 1500 and 3000€ over here…but if you consider the price difference of gas (roughly 1.40-1.60€/l) and LPG (roughly 70€/l) it doesn’t take long to recoup that, especially if you either drive a bigger car (read: consumption hog) or driver a lot or both.

    As for the way of the future: I think the real way of the future (unfortunately not the immediate future though thanks to “technical difficulties (read: pressure from the oil industry)) is real alternative fuels IMHO to get away from the oil-lobby strangehold. Either a solar powered electrical car or a fuel cell car (wouldn’t it be cool to just pour a little water (instead of hydrogen) into your car and go? Mercedes and BMW have been developing and testing such cars for years now (using hydrogen though), but they’re yet to bring one on the market where you can actually buy it…

  4. I hate SUVs personally (my next car will probably be a small audi) but I’m also shopping for one for the wife thanks to the upcoming kid. And she hasn’t had her own car in a couple of years so she’s due :). We’ve been looking in the same class as the outlander, i.e. VW tiguan, Toyota rav4. What made you go for the Mitsubishi over the others?

  5. Several things actually (and I did a LOT of research). We were looking at the Honda CR-V, the Toyota RAV, the Nissan Tuscon and the Outlander.

    1) The boot (trunk) space. The Outlander has significantly more than most. The RAV for instance, has a very small boot.

    2) Fuel economy. The Outlander is the most economic of all the new SUVs on the market.

    3) The extra row of seats. The Outlander has a third row of children’s seats that usually sit under the floor in the boot. I figure they’ll be useful in the future when we’re carpooling.

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