What’s in a name?

Thinking up baby names is a strange thing. It’s kinda like naming a pet, only you’re affecting the entire life of a person. Because you’re thinking up the names before the babies are actually born, it’s more about you than them. What someone names a child reflects on them. It’s not until later that it reflects on the  child.

We have a reputation for pet naming and it’s not altogether a good one. When we named our first pair of cats we decided to each come up with the most ridiculous name we could think of. Shaun came up with Julio. I came up with Les. The great thing about those names is that they sound even more ridiculous together. (Apologies to anyone reading this blog who comes from a country where Julio or Les are not ridiculous names.) Unfortunately Les died last year so we got another cat. I wanted to call him Jesus – partly in honour of Les who died on Good Friday and failed to rise again, and partly because I knew it would annoy my mother. Shaun vetoed the idea because it might affect how the vet feels about him, so we went with the backup plan – Chico.

My mother adopted a cat a few years back that (according to his tag) was called Chico. After several months it became clear that Chico wasn’t going home so she removed the tag and renamed him. His old name wasn’t to be mentioned.

I seem to have digressed slightly from my children to my pets.

When I was 17 I had a boyfriend who had a brother named Hunter. I have known since then that that is what I am going to name my first child – regardless of gender. I was fortunate enough to marry someone who also loves the name. What I hadn’t banked on at the age of 17 was twins.

I like non-gender specific names. I like the idea of knowing what we are going to name our children before they come out. I don’t want to have 4 names thought up in preparation. I also don’t believe that you can look at a day old baby and think “he definitely looks like a [name]”.  Unless [name] is Small Angry Pink Monkey.

I used to agree with the concept of keeping your potential children’s names to yourself so that people don’t voice opinions, but I’ve never been good with secrets. So our twins are going to be name Israel and Hunter.

I can’t wait to meet them.


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