Face off

In the red corner we have the photocopier salesman and in the blue corner, his opponent, the car salesman. It’s shaping up to be the fight of the… month.

After much deliberating (and test driving… and calculating… and ‘debating’…) we finally made a decision on which SUV it is that I am going to get. In the end it really came down to two options. The one that looked slightly better vs the one that was more economical to run and had more ‘features’ (leather, heated seats, a kickass stereo, a sunroof, automatic wipers and headlights, bigger wheels… you get the idea). They both met our prerequesite of a large boot. We decided it would come down to price. These things usually do.

I figured the spec’d up model would come in significantly more expensive, but after the all out salesman face off, it didn’t!

Shaun (who is technically a printing specialist but we’ll call him a photocopier salesman for the sake of this post) rang around every new car dealer in the neighbourhood and got their best price. He then took the best two and wangled trade deals on my Subaru. After narrowing it down to just one contender, they got in the (hypothetical) ring.

I started getting hourly phonecalls. “I’ve talked him up a grand on the trade”. “I’ve got him to drop 20% off a towbar.”

And my all time favourite – “I’ve got him to throw in free floor mats.”

I’ve told Shaun that if he can talk him into giving me one of these pit crew suits, then it’s a done deal.


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