Things that make me wild

People that are impossible to get hold of.
I am a planner. I like to know ahead of time what my tomorrow holds – within reason of course. If there are things that HAVE to be done, I like to have them organised. I have always gotten up early on Saturday morning and done all my weekend chores. That way if I go out and get drunk on Saturday afternoon or end up having a bender, I don’t have to worry about getting anything done the next day. It’s just good management (not that I’m really up for a bender these days).

Related to this planning is my extreme dislike of mucking other people around or letting them down. If I’m doing something that involves someone else, I like to let them know exactly when I’ll be doing it.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be driving up north to collect a stroller that I bought of TradeMe. The girl that I’m collecting it off seems to answer her emails about once every 4 or 5 days and when she finally does, she somehow manages to completely miss the questions that I’m asking. These are not complicated questions. Just things like ‘what is the pickup address?’ and ‘what time suits you?’. Pretty important I would have thought.

I got sick of this pretty quickly so I asked for her phone number. She sent it through but has failed to answer a single call or respond to a single text. In my 50 billion emails I have explained that I have to organise to borrow a car in order to collect the bloody thing. It’s not just me she’s putting out.

Some. people. are. just. idiots.

Websites that don’t work.
I admit that I started out my day somewhat irritated as a result of my lack of dealings with the idiot, but it wasn’t helped by my run-in with one of those websites that frankly, shouldn’t be live.

We go to HongKong next month so I need summer clothes for fat people. Not easy to find in the middle of winter. Unless you buy online… So I found a site that had some reasonably priced clothes (I’m averse to spending lots of money on something I’ll wear once and never want to look at again) and started adding stuff to my cart. After item 5, the site locked up. I sat patiently and waited. Still locked. I did some work. Still locked. I went to the bathroom. Still. bloody. locked.

I crashed out and started again, attempting to find the 5 items again with limited luck. This time it locked up at about item 3. I took a break from it. When I came back I managed to get all the way through to the checkout, at which stage it announced to me that half the items I had chosen weren’t available in those colours. Why the hell didn’t you tell me before you retard?

I chose new colours. These were added on to the order, which still contained the old colours. Great. When I tried to remove them, it removed everything. By this stage I was fuming. If I didn’t need the clothes so much I would have flagged the whole thing and sent them an email telling them what a bunch of monkeys they are. But I persevered. After an hour of going backwards and forwards between screens I managed to checkout half the items I wanted.

I entered my credit card details at last.

And got a fatal error.

I’ll give you fatal, you f@#*$@!


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