Weather bombs

The media love to give ridiculous names to things. Last year we had a cold snap and they dubbed it the ‘weather bomb’. This year we seem to have been nuked. It’s to be expected I suppose. After all, it is the middle of winter. I won’t go down the global warming road (mostly because I don’t know how you apply it to a post about how cold it is), but something is definitely changing with out climate. I blame cats for it.

Anyway… summer was fantastic. It was the best summer that I remember since childhood. The days were hot and clear and the cicadas didn’t stop singing. In contrast, winter is less hot and clear, and the cicadas are… not singing and doing other, winter stuff.

Generally when I head to work on a winter morning it’s around 10 degrees. On cold days it might be 7. This morning it was 2. Aucklanders just don’t deal well with that. Shaun left for work and came inside 2 minutes later to get a bucket of water to throw on his windshield. It would be the first time this year that it’s frozen over. He told me that mine was ok because I was parked closer to the fence. I was sceptical… For that reason I was slightly pissed to get outside and find ice a couple of mm thick over not just the windshield but the entire car.

I couldn’t get the doors open. I couldn’t make the wipers work. When I got to work the windows still weren’t opening. I scraped the ice off the drivers side of the windscreen and cranked the heater up. I got about 5 metres down the road when I had to pull over. The heater had caused the entire inside of the car to fog up and I couldn’t see a bloody thing. I attempted to wipe the windows with my sleeve which achieved nothing more than ripping the entire inside arm of my jacket off. That made me wild.

I’m actually grateful for this cold though. No one really ought to be subjected to my pregnant body in all it’s summer glory.  Summer will only just be starting when I go under the knife for the great baby extraction.

Long may winter last.


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