C’mon boss, what the hell’s happening?

I have been at the same company for 12 years now. I started working for them part time while I was studying architecture at university so that I could use their reprographic equipment for my assignments. When I graduated, I tried freelancing as an architect for a couple of years but it really wasn’t for me, so my part time employer suggested I try my hand at something in the IT field. They placed me in a role as a low end database administrator. It was boring as all hell, but the company was dynamic and the staff were young. We spent as much time at the pub as we did at our desks, and the perks (like overseas incentive trips) were pretty attractive to a 21 year old in her first job.

I liked the comfort of the monthly paycheck and the buzz of corporate life. The database I was responsible for was part of a new project that was growing fast within the company and I knew that if I made a name for myself I could get promoted pretty quickly. That was over a decade ago. I’ve been through about 5 different jobs since then and have learned more than I did at university. I’ve been developing software and designing websites for the last 5 or 6 years and I’ve loved just about every minute of it.

The company has treated me pretty well on the whole. There was a year or so when things weren’t so flash.  I met my now-husband here and when he left (before we were married) to go to a competitor I was treated like the enemy. That passed and I learned from it just how loyal the people that I work with are and how far they would go to protect me.

One of the things that I love the most about my job now are the team that I work with. Our IT department consists of 16 people who have been working together for years. Only 2 have left in the last decade. We have a good balance of professional and personal friendships and everyone enjoys coming to work. Our manager is fantastic. He is the most inappropriately hilarious man I have ever met. He says things that make you cringe but he gets away with them because that’s just who he is. After a couple of beers at the pub at Friday lunch he just gets ridiculous. He really holds our department together and there isn’t much he wouldn’t do for us.

You can understand then why it came as a came as a bit of a shock yesterday when out of the blue, a new Organisation Chart was emailed out to the company illustrating that he is no longer our manager. In fact,  there isn’t going to be an IT manager at all. We are now all suddenly reporting to the COO and our boss is moving out of the office that he’s been in for longer than anyone can remember.

He seemed as shocked as the rest of us. Apparently talks were underway but he certainly hadn’t agreed on anything. It would seem that huge restructuring is underway and the troops are getting nervous. Some of the decisions that are being made make no sense and it seems that there will be no negotiation.

I have to say, I’m glad I’m leaving. I think the time has come.


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