Pick up your game, Hawk

Yesterday I was someone that I don’t like in general. I realised when I got home last night that I’ve spent the last few days bitching and moaning and feeling sorry for myself. All because I’ve got a cough and mild morning sickness. Well whoa is me. You get morning sickness when you’re pregnant. It’s not like I should be surprised about it.

I was thinking about how 6 months ago I promised myself that if I got pregnant I’d never complain once about morning sickness. In fact, I’d be grateful for it because it means that my hormones are doing what they should be doing. How quickly I forget.

I have a girlfriend that just lost a baby in the early stages of her pregnancy. Her husband just got ruled out of an incentive trip to Hong Kong by the skin of his teeth. Shaun and I were talking the other night about how lucky we are to be going to Hong Kong and how amazing it is that BOTH our babies looked perfect in the scan. What the hell do I have to moan about???

So I’m pulling my head in.  I’ve had worse ‘flus than this. Hell, I’ve had worse hangovers than this! The sun really is shining on my world and it’s about time I appreciated that.


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