Cough cough cough cough cough

Today I have a hangover. The cruelest irony is that I haven’t had a drink in over 3 months. I guess it’s not really a hangover, but I feel like I used to in the old days after a hard weekend. Terrible Tuesdays. I have that killer combo of nausea, headache and extreme exhaustion. I always knew that the main culprit when it came to those Tuesdays was the lack of sleep. If one more person tells me that it’s good practice for becoming a mother I am going to punch them.

They say that morning sickness is supposed to finish with your first trimester. Whoever they are obviously wasn’t pregnant with twins. While I concede that it’s certainly improving, today I could puke my guts out all through my keyboard without much effort. Again… it’s the lack of sleep that’s to blame.

Another irony is that I’ve been going to bed ridiculously early for the last week. I even had two day sleeps on Sunday! For someone that used to get 5 hours sleep a night, I’m struggling to cope with 10 these days. Building people sure is hard work.

The reason I’m not sleeping is this bloody ‘flu. I came down with it mid last week and it’s plagued me ever since. Now it’s gone to my lungs so I have one of those fantastic coughs that sounds like the lining of your lungs is coming free. And yet more irony. I don’t cough all day. It’s not until I lie down at night that it starts. I spend the first hour in bed fighting it. The longer I delay the start of the cough, the better. But once I give in it’s all over. Thank christ I can’t feel the babies yet. Every time I cough I say a silent apology for waking them up.

I have cough medicine. It’s not ‘recommended’ for pregnancy, but apparently it’s the safest. I try not to take it, but when you’ve been lying awake for 4 hours coughing your insides out, you pretty much swallow anything you can to get some relief. In an attempt to take the medicine without waking Shaun up, I do it by touch. On the first night I did quite well. It only went up my nose. The second night it went up my nose and in my eyes. Last night it just went all over the bed.

Tonight I think I’ll drink it straight from the bottle.


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