A reflection on life and work

Well holy hell, it’s Friday already and I haven’t written since Monday. I like to think that you’ve all been frantic with worry about where I am, but I suspect I’d be letting myself in for a fall. I’ll tell you anyway.

Tuesday and Wednesday were interesting. I was in the office as usual, but I was working! I had a couple of those days that normal people have in the office where their work takes priority. I thought about blogging a couple of times but I just couldn’t fit it in. I felt quite righteous. The reason I was working so hard was that I was fighting a deadline (made unrealistic by the department that was requesting it because they hadn’t provided the required content). I could feel the ‘flu coming on and I wanted to get as much done as I could before my brain turned to mush.

While I was doing this novel ‘work’, I was simultaneously thinking (I should mark that day in my diary really) about some of my colleagues and how they handle their jobs. I watch people on a daily basis get so worked up about what they are doing that they lose all perspective. It’s a job people. Yes, you should do it to the best of your ability and yes, it is what you spend a fair whack of your time doing, but it should not define you. Stress (especially work related stress) only happens if you let it. At the end of the day, you can only do your best.

Anyway, enough about them. Yesterday I woke up at 4am with the ‘flu, as predicted. It wasn’t the ideal day to get it because I had a couple of appointments. The one that I’d been looking forward to with both excitement and trepidation was my 12 week nuchal translucency scan. That is the one where they check the babies for Down Syndrome and make sure they have all the obvious limbs and things. Most people wait until after that scan to tell people they’re pregnant. I’ve never fallen into the ‘most people’ category. I was slightly nervous that should something be wrong I’d have to ‘untell’ everyone, but that wasn’t the case. Both babies looked perfect and I have a great video of them both performing. One was cute and sleepy. That’s the one that takes after Shaun. The other one was just being an idiot.

So it’s pretty real for me now. I’m having two babies. 

Bring. it. on. 


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