A good lesson.

I had just spent 10 minutes smacking out an angry post on my keyboard. I was really pissed at a client that has communication ‘issues’. He replies to an email answering all the questions that aren’t important and misses the crucial ones. He is one of those people that says “That’ll be easy won’t it?” about something that just isn’t easy at all.

The more I wrote about the guy the more annoyed I got at him. The writing itself was cathartic in a way – it stopped me from putting it in an email straight to him. I worked enough frustration out that I was able to put together a carefully worded message asking him to stop and answer my questions before taking his next breath. I’m not one to mince words and my mouth occasionally gets me in trouble, so I was pretty careful about what I wrote.

I was getting ready to publish the bitch post when I got a response from him. It gave me all the answers I wanted and told me to add another couple of hundred to my bill. Holy hell! Does that EVER happen?

It made me realise that it’s very easy to get worked up over something and it’s very rarely the best approach.

So thanks blog for giving me the space to think. There’s a lot to be said for civility.


One thought on “A good lesson.

  1. Patience pays sometimes 🙂

    If an email bothers me like that, I usually wait a few hours to respond. It removes a lot of the frustration/emotion that would normally get injected into that message, and gives me time to clear my thoughts.

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