On Friday night I had an unusual experience. I went to the movies. I’m not sure that I’ve ever been to the movies on a Friday night. Well, not since I was at school. The place was full of kids and weirdos. Basically, people that don’t drink. Why else would you not be at a bar?

We went to see Sex And The City. I wasn’t gagging to see it, it was more slight curiosity mixed with convenience (there was a spare ticket). In order to offset the girliness of it, we went to Lonestar for dinner and ate copious amounts of meat. While we were there I was reminiscing to the others about my worst ever movie experience.

It was several years ago when I was flatting with my best friend. 6 of us decided to go to a movie one night. It was during the time when we deemed it sinful to go to a movie if you weren’t stoned. My, how times have changed. So we got blasted and headed off. I had a slight mishap before we left and managed to superglue my finger to my handbag. It made us slightly late. By the time we got to the theatre the movie had started.

We filed into the cinema in the dark and realised that it was full. There was no way we were going to find 6 seats together. We filed out and changed tickets to another movie. By the time we had stumbled our way into the new cinema, that movie had also started. We found seats wherever we could (no one wanted to face the ticket guy again) and started watching. It just wasn’t the same when you had to sit by a stranger. So once again we filed out. This time it was a bit more of a debacle, involving ‘psssssts’ and giggling and angry movie goers.

We were escorted out of the complex by a security guard. She insisted on taking us down via the glass elevator. Let’s just say it was uncomfortable.

So… Friday night. We had prepaid tickets so we left it to the last minute to arrive. We walked into the cinema and to my horror the movie had started. It was pitch black and we couldn’t see any seat numbers. We opened the door in order to let some light in. That did nothing more than piss everyone off. We then decided to use my phone to light up each row. Again… pissed people off.

It was then that it occurred to me that we were in the wrong cinema. I felt like calling my mum and telling her that you can’t blame everything on the weed.


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