The shortest day feels like a long way away

I can judge how well a day is going to go by how easy it is to get my contacts in. This morning they both got stuck inside out on my fingers and then folded in half in my eyes, leaving my face looking like it had been poked by two red hot pokers when I finally got them in.

I can judge how quickly a day is going to go by how comfortable my contacts feel after half an hour. This morning I was driving to work and it felt like I had two discs of sandpaper in my eyes. I searched through my handbag for my eyedrops and for the first time in forever it would seem that I left them in my other bag. Things are not boding well for today.

I have found that over the last few weeks I’m done for by Thursday. This week, Monday was a public holiday so today is effectively Thursday. It’s no surprise then that I’m ready for home now after only an hour and a half in the office. Thank god it’s Friday.

I figure today could go one of two ways and it’ll be solely up to me to make that choice. I’ve always been a believer in life being what you make of it, but it’s hard to make much of anything when you can’t keep your eyes open.

Most of my team are away on a conference today. That makes sleeping under my desk feasible. It will also make staying at my desk more difficult than usual.

But listen to me. Moan moan moan. I’m tired.

Some people don’t have legs.


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