False alarm

I got in my car to head home after work last night when my mobile rang. It was our burglar alarm. When it gets triggered it rings me. I can never remember the code to press to re-arm it, so I drove home as fast as I could. I didn’t feel too worried – it would be a foolish burglar that would break into a house at 5pm on a weekday – that’s knock-off time for the average New Zealander. Still, it’s never a nice feeling, especially as we have been the victims of a really awful burglary in the past. It’s also slightly unusual as the alarm is pretty reliable, we’ve only ever had one false alarm.

I got home and everything looked ok from the outside. That was a good sign. Both cats were sitting out on the front porch, which wasn’t surprising considering how loud the siren is. I went inside and disarmed the alarm. The control panel showed that the sensor in our room had been triggered. Super weird.

I checked all the rooms and something weird had definitely been going on. Nothing appeared to be missing, but the beds were messed up, stuff was knocked off shelves, there was blood on the walls, a window was cracked… and there was an incredibly large minar bird playing dead on the window sill in my office. 

God knows how the hell Chico got that inside. It was the same size as him. The cats had clearly chased it around every room torturing it, before it flew into the alarm sensor. It was limping and one of it’s wings was bung – not to mention the fact that its ears probably have permanent damage. It would appear that it spent the entire time it was in our house producing waste, which it managed to drop in every room. It had clearly spent the morning eating radioactive material, judging by the flourescent green nature of it’s droppings.

Shaun and I caught it in the washing basket. Shaun didn’t appear to care much for it’s welfare. I figured that out when he got it’s little head caught between the basket and the wall and screamed at me to do something.

It could have been worse I suppose. Like when a possum fell down the chimney into my parents bedroom in the middle of the night. Dad threw a broom at mum and jumped on the bed to give her directions for herding it outside. How helpful of him.


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