It should be legal to kill your mother in law

This weekend was an interesting one. It was a long weekend and my in-laws were staying with us. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas and I was looking forward to it. As a general rule we get on pretty well.

Well bloody hell. I’ll be happy if I don’t see them again until next Christmas (and come to think of it, I won’t even see them then because I’ll just have given birth to two offspring). I’m not sure if I was ultra-sensitive or if my mother-in-law was ultra-painful, but the entire weekend was trying.

I am someone that generally sees the positive side of things. In fact, there isn’t much that irritates me more than someone who is always negative. What the hell is the point? It’s self-perpetuating. My MIL on the other hand, sees nothing positive in anything. She is the queen of stating the obvious when it really didn’t need to be stated. She wakes up first thing in the morning and starts with the nagging. And after three wines she picks fights. Well, bring it on. I like a good fight.

She loves cheese. I bought some  special cheese just for her. Every time she opened the fridge she commented on how it stunk. I pointed out that it didn’t stink any more than it did when she pointed that out 10 minutes ago. After about the 50th time I threw the damn cheese out.

I was relieved when, at lunch on Sunday, Shaun commented on how incredibly painful his mother was being. I mentioned that I was feeling the same way and decided to leave it at that.

After all, we only see her twice a year.


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