This time last year I was feeling about the same as I do right now. Last year it was my fault. Well, mine and Moet’s. This year the ball falls squarely in Shaun’s court.

Last May I accompanied my brother to the Lewisham Foundation Awards. The Lewisham’s are the Auckland hospitality awards. Those hospo guys sure know how to party. I was so trashed that I was showing my knickers to strangers before we even made it to the award ceremony. But it was worth it. Dave took away best wine list (for Suite) and the big one – Hospitality Personality of the Year. I was SO proud. It made the hangover worth it. This year I am SO proud again. Suite took away Outstanding Bar.

Due to the two growing babies inside of me, I wasn’t there to celebrate with him. Usually I’d look on the bright side and be grateful that I don’t have a hangover. Unfortunately though, I’ve had a perpetual hangover for the last month. But I’m not moaning – it’s a sign that things are going well.

My very clever acupuncturist has come up with a strategy to assist me with the nausea. Seeds. Yup – she tapes little poppy seed type things onto pressure points on my wrists, ankles and collar bone. When I feel sick I press on them. They work!


That kind of seedy I can handle.

As an interesting aside… I had a sip of champagne the other night and it tasted like battery acid. The human body is an amazing thing in the way that it protects us.


2 thoughts on “Seedy

  1. Last year we opened a bottle of champagne that I bought 25 years ago. That tasted of battery acid.

    So it’s Shaun’s fault you’re feeling poo is it? I’ve read all your posts and not once did you mention Shaun forcing you to do all the things you went through. Poor Shaun. It’s going to be “YOUR daughter’s been naughty” and “MY son’s brilliant”

    Still, it’s a cross us fathers have to bear 🙂

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