All shiny

You know how some days it seems like more than your share of bad things happen, while others the goodness just keeps piling up? Yesterday was a good one and I woke up basking in the residual warmth. (Although to be fair, that could have been related to my dreams starring Tommy Lee.)

My sister is knocked up. She has been for quite some time. 12 weeks actually. So now I’m allowed to talk about it. We travelled the fertility treatment road together for the last couple of years. Our routes were slightly different but the planned destination was the same. And she’s arrived. They had their 12 week scan yesterday and saw their tiny baby moving around. It seems to have all the right bits and doesn’t have any of the main birth defects that can be tested for, so it’s good to go. Or grow, as the case may be. I’m so happy and relieved for her.

The other good stuff that happened was husband related. Shaun came home last night and told me that it looks like he will be able to come on our Samoa trip after all. He also signed his new pay plan for the year, as well as qualifying for this years incentive trip, meaning we’ll be heading to Hong Kong in August. It doesn’t get much better than that!

To top all of that off, the weather is behaving. It’s freezing, but the sky is cloudless and the sun is shining. It reminds me of childhood days when we used to go and stay with my Nan in Palmerston North. It seemed like the sun always shone down there. Maybe it just always shone when I was a kid.

And it’s shining now. Man, is it shining.


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