Heating up

We’re talking about heating in the office this morning. There is a guy that works with us who is building a carbon neutral house. Some of the research he is doing is fascinating. We’re talking about the most energy efficient ways of heating a house.

At the end of last year we got flued gas heaters installed. They are incredibly cheap to run if you use them properly. Using them properly means turning them on as low as they go and just leaving them running. They have energy saver mechanisms which mean they only run when they need to. In that mode they cost around 5c an hour.

Shaun hasn’t quite grasped this energy saving concept yet though. He comes home from work, throws on a t-shirt and some shorts and then cranks the heater up to 26 degrees for a few hours. When I’m sitting on the couch with a rug and two cats, 26 degrees is a bit much to bear. Once the room is sweltering, he turns it off again until all the heat has dissipated. Then we wake up freezing in the morning. That won’t be ideal when we have babies. Come to think of it, it’s not ideal now. And that’s before I start the rant about the fact that the heater is the size of a small cow. You’ve probably heard that rant before. If it’s got no form it had damn well better have function.

I’m less concerned about it’s small cow like status now however, as we have a new dining room table and chairs that hide it.

Now I just have to buy one of those fireplace dvds and we’ll be set.



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