It’s a kiwi institution

There is one thing that a real kiwi household just can’t do without. We had one when I was growing up for as long as I remember. They come in many different sizes, but they all serve the same purpose. We’ve always had ours in the laundry. Some people keep theirs in the garage. Some people even take them camping. 

I’m talking about the beer fridge.

No house is complete without one. They’re as inherent a part of our lifestyle as the shower or the kitchen sink. How can you have a bbq without one fridge to hold the salads and another to hold the beers? When I was a kid, they were sort of beer/winecooler fridges. People used to drink Miami wine cooler. It was a wine-juice-soda combo. You could skull about 20 of them before you realised you were drunk. By then it was too late. Much, much too late.

On Saturday we got a beer fridge of our very own. I was sick of having no space for food. The wine and beer and soda and juice were taking over. A girl can’t live on booze alone (although there have been periods of my life where I’ve given it a damn good try). Our beer fridge has a new twist. It’s a combo beer fridge/cat meat freezer. The cats are as excited as I am.


2 thoughts on “It’s a kiwi institution

  1. O Yeah, the famous beer fridge. I had never seen it before until I opened a fridge in hostel in either Australia or New Zealand. You would expect to find food, but there was nothing more inside then just wine and beer bottles 🙂

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