The tax man

Like most people, the whole tax thing scares the crap out of me. I don’t get bitter about having to pay it – I accept that it’s part of living in a society. The bit I hate is having to figure it all out. The task of filling out about 20 pages of questions that I don’t understand is all a bit daunting. The language doesn’t even make sense to me. And the biggest joke of all is that the help guide uses exactly the same words reordered. I bet tax geeks laugh their asses off when they write them.

I don’t have a huge annual turnover. I don’t have partners. I don’t pay wages or ACC levies and I’m not an LAQC, whatever the hell that is. I just write websites for christs sake.

So last night I sat down to do it. I got my income figures off my GST returns and added them together. I calculated 33% of that. I just about puked on the ground. But it was done. I was as happy as any person could be, when faced with a monstrous tax bill that they didn’t really think about over the year when they were happily spending their income.

Then Shaun asked me if I’d taken into account the mortgage and the materials I’d bought. What the…? It doesn’t even ask about those in the return. How the hell am I supposed to know to take those into account?

So now I’m not feeling quite so good about the whole thing. I’m thinking it’s going to be easier to just fork out for an accountant. I guess that’s what they’re for, after all.


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