It’s all about the liver

This post is a bit of a follow on from yesterday. It’s coincidental that I went to a seminar last night all about food, stress and hormones. I dragged my husband along. I did that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because I’ve been trying to advise him on how to eat sensibly for years and I figured that if he was to hear my advise from an actual doctor that it might sink in. The second reason is that I am considering nutrition as a career once my yet-to-be-born babies have started school.

I think that one of the most confusing subjects when it comes to eating these days is carbs. We know we need to eat them for energy but we also know that they make us fat. I have taught Shaun not to eat cereal without yogurt and fruit. What I hadn’t managed to teach him was that half a bowl of cereal is two servings. Most people know that starting their day with an energy drink probably isn’t ideal, but they don’t necessarily realise that they are then setting themselves up for a day of bad eating. Sugar laden food is poisonous. The more of the crap we dump into our bodies the more our bodies fight back in order to try and protect ourselves. The cycle becomes incredibly hard to break. Just because you’re not getting fat doesn’t mean that you’re not damaging your liver. Just because you exercise every day doesn’t mean you can eat what you want. It’s not all about calories in vs calories out.

Food is supposed to be fuel. Think about what you put in your mouth.

The more we sabotage our bodies with sugar and refined carbs, the harder we force our livers to work. The harder our livers are working dealing with that stuff, the less time they have to deal with other toxins that occur naturally within our bodies. The reabsorbtion of cholersterol. The conversion of estrodiol. Those kind of crucial functions.

Add to all of that the effect that the environment has. Eat a few pesticides. Inhale a few chemicals while you’re painting your nails. Smear some fake tan on (and if you don’t think we absorb that kinda crap through our skin, how the hell do you think nicotine patches work?). Those things are POISONS.  While some of them are necessary poisons (medications for instance), the majority of them are avoidable. I need my liver to metabolise my hormones at the moment. It would make sense for me to give it a break from the pesticides.

So to yesterday’s sceptic… there’s proof alright. You just have to be willing to listen.


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