Going all organic

I spent the majority of this past weekend at markets. Farmer’s markets (and the odd supermarket) to be specific. I’ve decided recently to try and eat more organically. I used to disregard it altogether because organic food wasn’t that accessible. It wasn’t as easy as doing all my grocery shopping in one place. But I’ve seen the light.

There is a farmer’s market in the stables of our local racecourse. I made the mistake of walking there. By the time I walked back with my bags of veges I was stuffed. I looked at the time and realised that I’d been walking for 2 hours. Come to think of it though, who wants to live closer to a racecourse than that?

I’ve been buying all our fruit and vegetables from the markets, as well as nuts, bread and other random stuff, like peanut butter. Anything that tastes as good as the commercial version. I’m not going to take the healthy route at the expense of taste!

Speaking of expense, those farmers sure know all about it. They charge through the nose for their insect ridden fruit. It seems that if you let a couple of catterpillars at your corn you can charge twice as much for it. Seems strange, considering how much money they must be saving on pesticides. Still, if it’s going to stop me from getting some terminal illness and keep the planet viable for longer then I guess it’s worth it.

I went to the markets up north in real farmer country as well. They were pretty much the same, only with just the one coffee cart (no decaf) and some authentic looking wild ducks wandering around. At least they looked authentic. Turns out they were some guys pets.

So I’m a market convert. It’s a great way to spend your Sunday and it makes you feel like you’re doing something good. When that happens to me I grab it with both hands!


7 thoughts on “Going all organic

  1. If anything the ability to grow 3 tons of corn in a petri dish is going to help the environment, and if we become so apt to genetically modify food, we can modify them to have a ton of antioxidants.

    We will preserve ourselves through technology, not by rejecting it. After all, naturally you probably wouldn’t have a chance of getting preggos, but with “the man”s science, you’re getting really close.

  2. A significant proportion of modern day infertility can be contributed to hormonal imbalances resulting from food additive and environmental influences. Add to that the contraceptive pill – which is not ‘natural’, and there you have it.

  3. So what? It’s all about maximising my chances. There is some evidence that pesticides are detrimental to my reproductive health. There is no need for me to eat pesticides. Easy decision.

    Mind. Not yours.

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