Icecream for breakfast

Yup, icecream. I haven’t actually had any yet but I’m considering it. We have a freezer full of them in our meeting room. It seems to be bringing out the worst in me.

A guy that used to work here left and went to work for an icecream company. It was a relief really. Although he has a good heart, just about everything else about him annoyed the hell out of us. He stopped in to visit yesterday and bought LOTS of icecream with him. We sat around eating it at our desks all afternoon. It was quite a novelty.

There is another guy that works with us. He is friends with the icecream guy. He has taken over as the most annoying person here. (And quite possibly the most annoying person on the face of the earth.) His most irritating habit is the fact that he eats everything. EVERYTHING. If someone has morning tea at work on their last day, he’ll take a plate around and load it up as if it’s his last meal. After finishing that off, he’ll do it again and take it away. If we have cake for someone’s birthday, he’ll have 3 slices and then take home what’s left. It sounds trivial but it’s been getting so ridiculous that it’s impossible not to be annoyed by the psycho eating monster.

 So, the icecream.

Yesterday he ate three of them in a row. That wasn’t a huge deal as there were so many of them. But this morning he’s started on them again. He is also giving them to everyone that walks into our office.  I asked him why and he said that if he doesn’t, he’ll eat them all. I pointed out that he will anyway and that there are still people here that haven’t had any.

I tempered it with crazy laughter but bloody hell, it’s icecream. I think I need a holiday!


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