Eat your veges

I’ve always had weird taste in vegetables. Even when I was a child I loved brussels sprouts. They are like miniature cabbages. I’ve always loved brocolli and cauliflower and I’ve always hated parsnips and zucchinis. My all time favourites are peas and kumara (a New Zealand native sweet potato).

When we were kids we used to eat at this fantastic orange breakfast bar in the kitchen (it was the 70s remember…) that was made of particle board with formica on the top. That breakfast bar was great because you could squish the veges that you didn’t want to eat up into the particle board and they stuck there. We didn’t have a dog…

As I’ve grown up, my taste in veges hasn’t changed much. I’m not someone that grew to like mushrooms. They’re still fungi as far as I’m concerned. I guess the only real change is the fact that, like most women of my generation, I avoid potato like the plague. Starchy carbs…

Last week when I was visiting my acupuncturist she mentioned the fact that she thinks my pancreas needs balancing. That can assist with stabilising insulin and blood sugar levels. Embracing the new hippy practices as I have, I decided to give it a go. Balancing your pancreas involves boiling up a bunch of organic vegetables and drinking the water. Not ideal, but it could be worse.

I headed off to the organic food store and stocked up on onions, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage and corn. I chopped them up and boiled them for 20 minutes in 4 cups of water like the recipe said. That’s supposed to be one day’s dose. I kinda assumed that some of the water would have boiled off, but it didn’t really. Holy-what-the-hell? I was expected to drink 8 cups of hot boiled vegetable water?

This bland corn tasting stuff is supposed to be drunk at 11am or 3pm (don’t ask me why) daily for a month. That’s a lot of drinking. If it was wine it wouldn’t be an issue, but corn water isn’t wine. To make matters worse, I’m at work at those times and corn water doesn’t look much like something you should be drinking.

I went back to the acupuncturist last night and she asked how the sweet vege juice was going. Sweet vege juice my ass! I was hesitant to say it was going about as well as poking sticks under my nails would go, but I refrained. She declared how delicious she finds it. I told her I was struggling to drink 2 litres of fluid all at once and she looked at me like I was crazy. Oh how ironic.

Apparently I’m only supposed to be drinking one cup. I could still hear them laughing when I left.


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