Takin’ it easy

Well, it sure has been an interesting weekend. You won’t believe what I did.

I took it easy.

It was the strangest thing. If I’m honest about it, it was only half good behavior. The other half was because I’m exhausted. I’m cranked so full of progesterone supplements that I may as well be pregnant.  Funnily enough, I actually look pregnant. My stomach is bloated and huge. I’m not used to not being able to hold my abs flat. Mum says it’s good practice. It’s not something I really want to practice for.

So on Friday night we watched a movie on the couch. On Saturday I went out for dinner and was home in bed by half nine. Same on Sunday – but I spent the majority of the day on the couch reading the paper and watching movies. Wow. Life on the couch. It’s… slow.

Strange then that I still feel tired.

This morning I made the ultimate in sacrifices. After pledging to my doctor to take it easy (and no heavy lifting) for two weeks, I forwent boxing today in favour of Body Balance. Body Balance is a stretching/strength/yoga class. I always used to call it exercise for babies. I had only done it once before in my life and it felt like a waste of time. You don’t break a sweat. Well, hardly. So I stretched and balanced away for an hour, wishing I was sweating my guts out in front of a heavy bag. I’d be lying if I said I’m pleased I did it and that I’m looking forward to it next week.

But what’s a couple of weeks in the scheme of things?


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